Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 8, Number 2/3

Forward! -- Editorial

Ingo R. Stoehr

EACH ISSUE OF THIS MAGAZINE has its own story. For this selection of texts by young Swiss writers, the story involves tales of collaboration by phone calls and emails from the moment I was first approached by one of the soon-to-be guest editors Romey Sabalius and Michael Wutz. And the finished product speaks to their expertise in both literature and literary translation.

My thanks go to many people and institutions for their financial and professional support, but it is the efforts of the guest editors that makes this issue come together. Romey Sabalius's contribution is nothing less than sterling: he is not only primarily responsible for the selection of texts and contacting the authors concerning the copyright, but he also proved to be wonderfully gifted in securing financial support from a number of Swiss cultural institutions. Michael Wutz also did an impressive job at his main responsibility, that is, the translation side, while, of course he was equally engaged in the process of selecting the texts. He brought in a long-time collaborator, Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, and they translated all the texts in this issue (wth a couple of exceptions).

My main job consisted in giving the texts and translations a "once-over," which was a joy because Romey Sabalius and Michael Wutz had selected interesting texts, which they survery in their introducory essay, and provided sound translations. Everybody involved in translation understands that a translation is always a work in progress, but that still means translators have to be extremely diligent with their work. The way in which the translators collaborated for this ussue, I think, is an excellent example of this work ethic. This is at the core of any attempt at introducing readers to texts in a language with which they may not be familiar.

Translation—and high-quality translation, for that matter—has always been the goal of DIMENSION2 in its quest to build the ultimate anthology of German-language literature in English translation one issue at a time. In this issue the focus is on young Swiss writers, and I join the guest editors in inviting our readers to enjoy the selected texts.

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