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Volume 8 Number 2/3 (double issue): Young Swiss Authors (available 9 February 2007)

Volume 9 Number 1/2 (double issue): Voices of Cultural Diversity (available 30 October 2007)

Volume 9 Number 3: Authors of Rheinland-Pfalz (in preparation)

About the Editor

Ingo R. Stoehr graduated from Johannes Gutenberg University at Mainz and received his Ph.D. in German literature from the University of Texas at Austin. His teaching experience includes two years at the Odenwaldschule in Germany ; currently he teaches English at Kilgore College. He has published Beyond the Zeus Principle--Two Hundred Years of Love and Politics in the Novel (1993) and co-edited with Peter Pabisch a tribute to Leslie Willson's achievements for German Studies, Dimensions-A. Leslie Willson & Contemporary German Arts and Letters (1993). He has also edited a volume containing guest lectures that were given at his Honor Seminar at the College, entitled The Ethics of Popular Culture--From Frankenstein to Cyberculture .

How Ingo Stoehr got interested in translation and translating:
"The first time I ever got involved with any aspect of translation was over twenty years ago; in May 1974, I wrote a paper on translation problems by comparing the original English verison of George Orwell's Animal Farm with its translation into German, Farm der Tiere, done by N. O. Scarpi. In the (somewhat personal) preface to this paper I acknowledge that I had wanted to become a writer ever since I had begun to write (though never finished) a story about a witch, sorcerers, and all sorts of adventures, when I was ten years old. I also wrote in the preface that I considered it to be a legitimate worry of a writer to wonder about translation problems: 'Or more precisely: If I want to make a certain statement in a text, I use formal devices such as word choice, syntax, and punctuation--will all of this be adequately rendered in a translation?'
Thirty nine pages later I had learned to appreciate the work of translators, had understood that translation always involves interpretation, and had realized that even the best translator makes mistakes from time to time. With this background I showed up at the University of Texas at Austin as an exchange student from Germany, took a course on "Theory and Practice of Translation" with A. Leslie Willson, and became involved with his Dimension , the marvelous and unique journal dedicated to introducing an English-speaking audience to German literature. Today I am still not a writer, but I am following my commitment to German literature and translation more than ever."

About the Assistant Editor and Web Author

Louise Stoehr, director of the Modern Languages Learning and Resource Center at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, received her Ph.D. in German from the University of Texas at Austin; she received her M.A and B.A. in German from Occidental College in Los Angeles. Her master's thesis was on the exile experiences of Robert Musil, for which she did research at the Center for Musil Studies at the University of the Saarland in Saarbrücken, where she had already spent a year of studies. She worked in several capacities at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California for over ten years; five years of that time as a technical translator on the Galileo project. She is active writing interactive software designed to immerse students in the whole context of the literature selection being read. In addition to these interests and activities, Louise has a great love for literature and is involved in several translation projects. As the assistant to the editor of DIMENSION2, her many responsibilities include all technical and computer-related tasks and photography for the magazine.

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