Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 3, Number 1


Ingo R. Stoehr

As we struggle along, it happens that issues get delayed. I sincerely apologize for your inconvenience, and I appreciate your patience and understanding. However, all three issues of Volume Three will be available in 1996, as planned. What is more, with more financial security on the horizon, countless hours won't be spent in fund-raising but in the actual production of this magazine.

This is where you--the reader--can help. If you enjoy this magazine and you do not have a subscription to it: consider subscribing. If you already have a subscription: consider sharing the magazine with anyone you think might be interested.Also encourage others to visit us at our web site. Currently the site is still under construction, but already contains a sizable amount of information concerning the history of the magazine, its contents, the authors published, etc.This issue is made possible through the generous support of Inter Nationes in Bonn for the magazine in general and of the Austrian Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst [Federal Ministry for Science, Research, and the Arts] for this particular issue that reflects the Austrian Fall at the Frankfurt Book Fair 1995.Furthermore, this issue's art work is by a young graphic artist from Austria. And last but not least, Jochen Jung, the head of Residenz Verlag in Salzburg was kind enough to be available for an interview, which was conducted in his office on the fourth of July 1995.It was sheer serendipity that a dialogue unfolds between the interview (in which Jung argues that avant-garde, experimental literature is exciting and pleasureable) and the essay by Jens Johler (that presents the case for entertaining literature). I believe this is a very important topic, especially in terms of what "kind" of German literature should be presented to an English-speaking readership.

As the editor of this magazine, I try to represent the whole spectrum of German-language literature. As an English teacher, I see both kinds of literature (if you allow me the overgeneralization in terms of experimental and entertaining literature as the respective extremes) alive and well in American literature. And this leads me to believe that there is room (and interest!) for both.

I orginally decided to call the editorial "Forward" for several reasons; the main one is that I believe that this is the direction we should be going. However, I am afraid that I have to end this editorial on a sad note. With André Lefevere's premature death, a voice that had been growing stronger and stronger and speaking out for translation and translation studies fell silent forever. This issue of DIMENSION2 is dedicated to his memory.

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