Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 8, Number 1

Forward!—Editorial                                                                  Ingo R. Stoehr / 1

F O C U S:
New Literature of Fall 2003

i  Poetry and Aphorisms


Unbemannter Augenblick                                                                     Kurt Aebli
Unmanned Moment                                                 translated by Karen Leeder / 4

Euridice singt                                                                          Raphael Urweider
Euridice sings                                                      translated by Breon Mitchell / 12

Aphorismen                                                                   Karl Heinrich Waggerl
Aphorisms                                                          translated by Suzanne Shipley / 18

Mein Bild von der Welt                                                              Peter Rühmkorf
My View of the World                                        translated by Suzanne Shipley / 22


ii  Novels

Die Nacht mit Alice, als Julia ums Haus schlich                           Botho Strauss
The Night with Alice when Julia Crept around the House
  translated byRebecca Penn / 28

Glaubst du, daß es Liebe war                                                               Alex Capus
Do You Presume It Was Love                              translated by Harald Becker / 36

Die letzte Hoffnung                                                                Nadine Hostettler
The Last Hope                                                    translated by Ingrid Lansford / 44

Ciao Vaschek                                                                          Friedrich Kröhnke
Ciao Vashek                                                       translated by Gerald Chapple / 56

Jahrestage                                                                                       Jürgen Becker
Anniversaries                                                        translated by Ingo R. Stoehr / 64


iii  Art

Bilder                                                                         Brigitte Maria Mayer / 72


iv  Stories

Keine Geschichte und andere Geschichten                                             Ror Wolf
No Story                                                              translated by Lee Chadeayne / 82

Geschichte von Nichts                                                                      Peter Glaser
His Story about Nothing                                    translated by Paul Widergren / 90

Am Radio                                                                                  Gernot Wolfram
At the Radio                  translated by Kelly Keslar and Dieter Waeltermann / 114

Thea, Techniken                                                                            Hanne Kulessa
Thea, Techniques                                          translated by Michael L. Dailey / 126

Katzendreck                                                                              Larissa Boehning
Cat Mess                                                   translated by James Robert Keller / 136

Brief an Sidele Onyulo                                                                  Stefanie Zweig
Letter to Sidele Onyulo                                   translated by Louise E. Stoehr / 154

Authors, Translators & Acknowledgments                                                      / 170


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