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WAGNER, Richard
Richard Wagner was born in Lowrin (Rumania) in 1952. In Rumania, he worked as a German teacher and as a journalist; however, he lost his newspaper job after he published a critical article. Once he had applied for emigration, he was not allowed to publish in Rumania. Finally in 1987, he was allowed to emigrate to the Federal Republic of Germany, where he has lived since as a free-lance writer in Berlin. A prolific writer, he has also won many literary awards. Recent publications include Heiße Maroni [1993; Hot Chestnuts].

Feuer and andere kurze Gedichte (Fire and other Short Poems ), from Heiße Maroni : Vol. 1, No. 2
Die Verfolgten (The Persecuted ): Vol. 1, No. 3


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