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[Conversation with Sten Nadolny] Conversation with Sten Nadolny, Berlin, 11 June 1996.
Photo © Louise E. Stoehr, The Second Dimension Press

Sten Nadolny, born in 1942, grew up in Bavaria and used to live both in Munich and Berlin. In 1996 he moved to a new apartment in Berlin, where the interview for Volume 3 Number 3 was conducted. The many awards Sten Nadolny has won inclue the 1980 Ingeborg-Bachmann Prize for a chapter from his successful novel Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit [1983, The Discovery of Slowness]. In addition to lectures on poetics at the University of Munich in 1990, he has published predominantly prose, including his latest novel about the return of the Greek god Hermes in Ein Gott der Frechheit (1994).

"Too bad that it wasn't a god"--A Conversation with Sten Nadolny : Vol. 2, No. 4


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