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Paula Ludwig was born in 1900 and died in 1974. Ludwig wrote poems that often deal with nature and experiences by women, especially mothers.

Ulrike Längle tells in her interview in Volume 4 Number 2 about Paula Ludwig's life:
"...we have a literary estate here [at the Vorarlberger Literaturarchiv], which certainly is of great importance: Paula Ludwig, who was born in Feldkirch in 1900. She spent the first nine years of her childhood in Vorarlberg; then she lived in Linz, Breslau, Munich, Berlin, in Tyrol, in exile in Brazil for thirteen years, and then in Wetzlar and in Darmstadt, where she died in 1974.
In the 1920s and at the beginning of the 1930s, when she still was living in Germany, Pauls Ludwig was considered an important and by all means recognized writer of lyric poetry. Due to her emigration, she sufferd harsh setbacks in her career. After her return in 1953, she never again became as famous as she had once been. We know her from the history of literature--actually from the history of scandal--rather as Ivan Goll's mistress in the love triangle of Ivan Goll, Claire Goll and Paula Ludwig.
But this does not at all capture Paula Ludwig in her importance as an original author. She also was a self-taught painter, and we already have a part of her artistic estate. Some of her letters to Ivan Goll are at the German Literary Archives in Marbach; part of her estate is at the Munich City Library, but whatever else there is, is here. And I am in the process of preparing her biography and then would also like to have a publication of hte literary estate."

Macumba und andere Gedichte (Macumba and other Poems) "Macumba" is from the literary estate at the Felder Archives; the other poems are from her collected works: Gesamtausgabe (Ed. Kristian Wachinger and Christiane Peter. Ebenhausen bei München: Langewiesche-Brandt, 1986): Vol. 4, No. 2

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