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GRÄF, Dieter M.
Dieter M. Gräf was born in Ludwigshafen in 1960, and has lived in Cologne since 1991. His poetry has earned several awards such as he Rolf-Dieter-Brinkmann stipend in 1995, writer-in-residence at the Villa Aurora in Los ngeles in 1999, and writer-in-residence at the German Festivals in india in 2001. His poems illustrate how complex poems unfold a fuller meaning in the interaction between the "main text" and a subtext that the author supplies in his annotations (contained in the collection of poetry). For example, the poem "Todt-Frondt" receives additional depth through two quotations from studies on an archaeology of bunkers (such as the Nazi bunkers at the Atlantic) and on the fear of death. Both elements come together in the poem's German title: Todt is an archaic spelling of death (hence the English title), and it is the proper name of a Nazi functionary, who was involved in the construction of the bunkers at the Atlantic Ocean. His poetry also explores myths and everyday life; at theri intersection he engaes in mythmaking, for example, beginning with ancient myths, such as Humbaba from the epic of Gilgamesh in his collection Treibender Kopf [1997, Floating Head], and extending to ancient places, such as Sinai in a poem published in his third volume of poetry with Suhrkamp.

Ein Bild von Huwawa/Hubaba's Picture) (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1997): Vol 5, No. 1

Corpus und andere Gedichte (Corpus and other poems) from Westend (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp Verlag, 2002): Vol. 7, No. 2/3

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