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FLORESCU, Catalin Dorain
Catalin Dorain Florescu is now a Swiss citizen but was born in Timisoara, Romania, in 1967. Although he left Romania in 1976, first for Italy and then for the United States, he returned to his native country after only eight months. In the summer of 1982, he finally fled with his parents to the West. From that time on, he has been residing in Zurich. After graduating from university, he worked as a psychotherapist in drug rehabilitation for six years. He has been a freelance writer since December 2001. He mainly writes prose texts, some of which have been translated into Romanian, Dutch, and Spanish. His works include three novels with Pendo Verlag in Zurich: Wunderzeit (2001), Der kurze Weg nach Hause (2002), and Der blinde Masseur (2006). The author's homepage is www.florescu.ch. Vol. 8, No. 2/3 is the first publication of the original German-language text "Die Nacht davor," although the story was awarded the 2003 Dienemann Foundation literary competition prize on the topic of flying, and versions of it have been broadcast on the radio (Deutschlandfunk, 2005) and performed on stage (Sandkorn Theater in Karlsruhe, 2006). He is one of the participants in the "Conversations of German Immigrants," which was compiled by Maximilian Dorer for German, Feuer, Lebenslust, publication and is printed in English in Vol. 9, No. 1/2.

Die Nacht davor (The Night Before): Vol. 8, No. 2/3

Feuer, Lebenslust, (Stuttgart: J.G. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung Nachfolger GmbH, 2003)
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