Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 9, Number 3 / Volume 10, Number 1


Forward!——Editorial, Ingo R. Stoehr

F O C U S:
Regional Roots — International Reach: Rhineland-Palatinate

I. Introduction to Focus

»Das ist ein Bereich, den ich jetzt noch unbedingt machen möchte« 
Ein Gespräch mit Sigfrid Gauch, Ingo R. Stoehr
"That's Something I Really Want to Do Now"   
A Conversation with Sigfrid Gauch,
translated by Ingo R. Stoehr and Louise E. Stoehr

Will Books Soon Be Alive?, Hans Thill, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

II. Essays

World Literature: A Panoramic Portrait, Durs Grünbein, translated by Scott G. Williams

City, Country, It Does Not Matter—Metropolitan Centers Are Losing Value, But It Is not much Better for the Hinterlands, Norman Ohler, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

Narrated Life: About the Truth of Fiction, Ludwig Harig, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

Abstraction and the Magic of the Senses, Hans-Jürgen Heise, translated by Harald Becker

A Gift that Fails—On the Lack of Literary Success, Wilhelm Genazino, translated by Anna Steegmann

III. Poems

Himmel über Berlin II und andere Gedichte, Claudia Becker
Heaven over Berlin II and other poems, translated by Edith Borchardt

Byrons Feldbett und andere Gedichte, Dagmar Leupold
Byron's Cot and other poems, translated by Marilya Veteto Reese

Versiegelte Minuten und andere Gedichte, Gerd Forster
Sealed Minutes and other poems, translated by Ingo R. Stoehr

am Abend und andere Gedichte, Katharina Schultens
in the evening and other poems, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

Penelope und andere Gedichte, Elke Schmitter
Penelope and other poems, translated by Dagmar Jaeger

Vergil (mit Nietbrille) und andere Gedichte, Thomas Kling
Virgil (with Rivet Spectacles) and other poems, translated by Ingo R. Stoehr

Neue Mysterien, Dirk von Petersdorff
Novel Mysteries, translated by Reinhold Grimm

aus dem Nachtrücken und andere Gedichte, Brigitte Oleschinski
on the back of the night and other poems, translated by Andrew Shields

IV. Artwork

Art                                                                                           Guunther Berlejung

V. Translation Workshop

Translation as a Collaborative Endeavor: Translating Burkhard Spinnen at the Goethe-Institut Chicago, Ingo R. Stoehr

Der Fan, Burkhard Spinnen
The Fan, translated by Goethe-Institut Workshop

VI. Stories and Novels

Glanz in den Augen, Ursual Krechel
A Radiance in His Eyes, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

Sonnenfinsternis, Patrick Roth
Solar Eclipse, translated by Rebecca Penn

Nudelsuppe, Ror Wolf
Noodle Soup, translated by Michael Dailey

Blicke und andere Blicke, Gabriele Weingartner
Looks and other Looks, translated by Patricia Aiken

Siedlung, Sarah Alina Grosz
Housing Block, translated by Kurt Beals

Das Ende vom Anfang, Christiane Neudecker
The End of the Beginning, translated by James Keller

Der Gedanke, das du es nicht merkst, Michael Kölmeier
The Thought that You Didn't Notice, translated by Gerald Chapple

Episode, Dieter Wellershoff
Episode, translated by Melanie Lutz and Dieter Waeltermann


Authors, Translators & Acknowledgments                                                                


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