Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 8, Number 2/3


Forward!—Editorial                                                                  Ingo R. Stoehr / 177

F O C U S:
Young Swiss Writers


Swiss Literature—Does ist Matter?                                            Romey Sabalius
                                                                                                and Michael Wutz / 178

Völderkunde Schweiz                                                               Christoph Simon
Swiss Ethnography                                translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 182

Wie ich die Armee abschaffte                                                          Peter Stamm
How I Abolished the Army                    translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 186

Reiseleiter                                                                                          Guy Krneta
Tour Guide                                            translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 202

Die Liebe höret nimmer auf                                                        Gerhard Meister
Lover Never Ceaseth                                                 translated by Michael Wutz / 212

Onkel Felix                                                                                    Markus Bundi
Uncle Felix                                                                translated by Michael Wutz / 226

Der Wiedergänger                                                                 Perikles Monioudis
The Revenant                                                            translated by Michael Wutz / 234

Ciao amore, ciao                                                                           Franco Supino
Ciao armore, ciao                                           translated by Donals McLaughlin / 244

Grabers Liebe                                                                                  Lukas Stuber
Graber's Love                                                            translated by Michael Wutz / 258

Die Frau liegt am Boden                                                                   Sibylle Berg
The Woman Lies on the Ground                                translated by Michael Wutz / 268

Carlotti                                                                                            Daniel Zahno
Carlotti                                                   translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 276

Der Umbau                                                                                     Milena Moser
Renovation                                             translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 294

Zeichnungen                                                                          Yves Netzhammer / 310

Die Nacht davor                                                              Catalin Dorian Florescu
The Night Before                                                        translated by Michael Wutz / 320

Ausgestreute Erinnerung                                                                  Marion Suter
Disseminated Memory                            translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 344

Einfach das Leben zeigen                                                              Daniel Goetsch
Simply Show Life                                      translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 350

Alejandros Katze                                                                        Ruth Schweikert
Alejandro's Cat                                                          translated by Michael Wutz / 358

Im Keller                                                                                         Lukas Bärfuss
In the Basement                                                          translated by Michael Wutz / 368

Badetage                                                                                  Matthias Zschokke
Bathing Days                                                  translated by Magdalena Zschokke / 380

»I promise when the sun somes up                                               Michael Stauffer
I promise I'll be True«                              translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 398

Sophies Sommer                                                                                    Zoë Jenny
Sophie's Summer                                                         translated by Michael Wutz / 422

MOI                                                                                               Martin R. Dean
MOI                                                          translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 432

neu / gierig                                                                                             Beat Gloor
How Are You?                                           translated by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young / 440

Authors, Translators & Acknowledgments                                                               / 452


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