Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 4, Number 2 (May 1997)

Forward! -- Editorial, Ingo R. Stoehr

FOCUS: Franz-Michael-Felder Archives

View from America --
      An Owl Flies into the Twilight of German Literature,  Christoph Lohmann
      translated by John Weinstock and Elizabeth Brotherton

 View from Austria --                                                              
     The Memoirs of Max Riccabona, Ulrike Längle
      »Eine Blütezeit der Literatur in Vorarlberg«
     Ein Gespräch mit Ulrike Längle, Ingo R. Stoehr
      "A Golden Age of Literature in Vorarlberg"
      A Conversation with Ulrike Längle, translated by Louise and Ingo Stoehr

      K.Z. Skizzen, Max Riccabona
      Concentration Camp Sketches, translated by Leslie Willson

      Macumba und andere Gedichte, Ingrid Noll
      Macumba and other Poems, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

      Der Teufel ist der Freund des Menschen, Ulrike Längle
      The Devil is the Friend of Man, translated by Scott Williams

      Schrottplatzblues, Jürgen Benvenuti
      Junkyard Blues, translated by Harald Becker

      Gedichte aus Zehntausend Morgenröten, Ivan & Claire Goll
      Poems from Ten Thousand Dawns, translated by Nan Watkins

      Das Wasser der Liebe, Barbara Frischmuth
      The Waters of Love, translated by Gerald Chapple & James B. Lawson

      Im Schilf, Gerhard Roth
      In the Reeds, translated by David Horton

      Das Gelächter im Bahnhof, Robert Schindel
      Laughter in the Train Station, translated by Cecilia Pick and Johannes Luig

      Stoffgewitter, Gert Jonke
      Thunderbolts of Cloth, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

      Zugeschüttetes Gesicht und andere Gedichte, Friederike Mayröcker
      Buried Face and other Poems, translated by Christopher Middleton

      Atemprobe und andere Gedichte, Evelyn Schlag
      Breath Test and other Poems, translated by Sibylle Schlesier

      Lerchen und andere Gedichte, C. W. Aigner
      Larks and other Poems, translated by Sibylle Schlesier

      Lu und andere Gedichte, Zafer Senocak
      Lu and other Poems, translated by Elisabeth Oehlkers

      Sechs Haiku, Peter Constantine
      Six Haiku, translated by Burton Pike

      Translation Notes, Scott G. Williams


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