Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 2, Number 2 (May 1995)

Editorial  and View from America--                                                         
     American Pie and German Literature, Ingo R. Stoehr


     View from Germany --                                                              
     Here Where the World Began, Walter Höllerer 
     translated by Scott Williams

     »Literaturvermittlung liegt mir besonders am Herzen«:
     Ein Gespräch mit Barbara Baumann-Eisenack, Ingo R. Stoehr
     "Presenting literature ot the public is especially dear to my heart":
     A Conversation with Barbara Baumann-Eisenack, translated by Ingo R. Stoehr

     Die Elefantenuhr, Walter Höllerer
     The Elephant Clock, translated byJeffrey Todd and Eckard Rademann

     Ein Schneidermeister in Wannsee, Irmgard Elsner Hunt
     A Master Tailor in Wannsee, translated by Sammy McLean

     Hesel, Inka Bach
     Hesel, translated by Mark Kessler

Weh dem, der aus der Reihe tanzt, Ludwig Harig
Woe Be to Him Who Steps out of Line, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

Hausbesichtigunt: Unsere verdammten Geschichten, Ruth Rehmann
House Inspection: Our Damned Stories, translated by Christoph Lohmann

Zeichnungen, Robert Schad

Das magische Buch und andere Gedichte, Cyrus Atabay
The Magic Book and other Poems, translated by Karin Herrmann

Symbol und andere Gedichte, Dagmar Leupold
Symbol and other Poems, translated by Margret Studebaker

Die Melodien und andere Gedichte, Elazar Benyoëtz
The Melodies and other Poems, translated by André Lefevere

Der Forscher Fabre und andere Gedichte, Rainer Malkowski
The Scientist Fabre and other Poems, translated by Suzanne Shipley

Gesenkte Schnauze und andere Gedichte, Erwin Einzinger
Moody Blues and other Poems, translated by Paul Widergren

Marmorkuchen und andere Gedichte, Rolf Haufs
Marble Cake and other Poems, translated by Harald Becker

Drei Lose und andere Haiku, Michael Donhauser
Three Lotto Tickets and other Haiku, translated by Ingo R. Stoehr


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