Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 10, Number 2/3


Forward!——Editorial, Ingo R. Stoehr

F O C U S:

I. Dates with History

Bis ans Ende der Meere, Lukas Hartmann
To the End of the Sea, translated by Tomas Drevikovsky

Halbschatten, Uwe Timm
Penumbra, translated by Anthea Bell

Träumer des Absoluten, Michael Wildenhain
Dreamer of the Absolute, translated by Katy Derbyshire

II. A Whole Lifetime

Nach Hause schwimmen, Rolf Lappert
Swimming Home, translated by Donal McLaughlin

Einer von vielen, Norbert Zähringer
One of Many, translated by Ingrid Lansford

III. Artwork

Gegensetzungen, Erwin Bechtold

IV. Returning Home

Matutin, Gertrud Leutenegger
Matutin, translated by David Brenner

VI. Variations of Love

Nanettes Gedächtnis, Friedmar Apel
Nanette's Memory, translated by Susanne Baackmann

Jungfrau, Thomas Meinecke
Virgin, translated by Scott G. Williams

Gegenüber brennt noch Licht, Jens Wonneberger
The Light from Across the Street Is Still On, translated by Dieter Waeltermann

Kopf unter Wasser, André Kubiczek
Head under Water, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

VII. Moments of Happiness

Herr Faustini und der Mann im Hund, Wolfgang Hermann
Herr Faustini and the Man in the Dog, translated by Susanne Baackmann

Herr Grinberg & Co., Gila Lustiger
Mr. Grinberg & Co., translated by Margot B. Dembo


Authors, Translators & Acknowledgments                                                                


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