Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 1, Number 3 (September 1994)

Forward!--Editorial, Ingo R. Stoehr

View from America:                                                              
... And Then There Was Sascha, Stephen Brockmann

Views from Germany:

     An Alle! Offener Brief, Hans Christoph Buch
     translated by Karein Goertz

     Gute Zeiten Fragezeichen, Frieedrich Christian Delius
     Good Times Question Mard, translated by Gerhild Rogers & Johanna Damon

     Die Verfolgten, Richard Wagner
     The Persecuted, translated by Valentina Glajar

»Das Konkrete wird alle Klischees wegwischen«:
Ein Gespräch mit Uwe Kolbe, Ingo R. Stoehr
"Concrete things will erase all clichés":
A Conversation with Uwe Kolbe, translated by Ingo R. Stoehr

Unterwegs in fremden Träumen, Ruth Rehmann
Traveling in Alien Dreams, translated by Christoph Lohmann

Das Vaterland ist in Gefahr, Mathias Wedel
The Fatherland is in Danger, translated by Rachel Kirby

Berlin Revival, Günter Kunert
Berlin Redivivus, translated by Leslie Willson

Begegnung und andere Bilder, K. O. Götz
Encounter and other Paintings

Aus Sand gebaut, Stefan Heym
Built on Sand, translated by Cynthia Simmons

Letzte Idylle, Joachim Walter
The Last Pastoral,  translated by Scott Williams

Die Sache mit B., Hans Joachim Schädlich
The Case of B., translated by Louise E. Stoehr

Ein Bruderzwist in Deutschland, Rolf Hochhuth
A Fraternal Feud in Germany, translated by Cecilia Pick

Berlin Anfang Dezember, Uwe Kolbe
Berlin Early December, translated by Ingo R. Stoehr

Ortswechsel, Kurt Drawert
Place Change, translated by Mark M. Kessler

Aus einem alten Fahrtenbuch, Durs Grünbein
From an Old Logbook, translated by Dieter Waeltermann and Guinevere S. Healy

Hinter drei Grenzen, Marian Nakitsch
Behind Three Borders, translated by Louise E. Stoehr


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