Dimension2: Contemporary German-Language Literature

Volume 1, Number 2 (May 1994)

Forward!--Editorial, Ingo R. Stoehr


     View from America:                                                              
     Uwe Johnson's Imaginary World Meets the New World, Ingo R. Stoehr

     View from Germany:
     "As soon as this gets printed, you'll go to the West" -- Notes on Uwe Johnson,
     Eberhard Fahlke
     translated by Ingo R. Stoehr

     »Mit verzögerter Phantasie«:
     Ein Gespräch über Uwe Johnson mit Eberhrd Fahlke, Ingo R. Stoehr
     "With delayed imagination":
     A Conversation about Uwe Johnson with Eberhard Fahlke, translated by Ingo R. Stoehr

     Ein Brief aus New York, Uwe Johnson
     A Letter from Abroad, Uwe Johnson

     Notizheft »Three in One«, Uwe Johnson
     Notebook "Three in One", translated by Louise E. Stoehr

     Mann im Mond, Rose Ausländer
     Man in the Moon, translated by Sabine Schmidt

     Erstarrt und andere Gedichte, Rolf Bongs
     Numbed and other Poems, translated by Dean Stroud

Freie Verse und andere Gedichte, Sarah Kirsch
Free Verses and other Poems, translated by Margret Studebaker

Timing und andere Gedichte, Jürgen Becker
Timing and other Poems,  translated by Karin Herrmann

Dem Ende entgegen und andere Gedichte, Alfred Kolleritsch
Toward the End and other Poems, translated by Christian Rogowski

Feuer und andere kurze Gedichte, Richard Wagner
Fire and other Short Poems, translated by Ingo R. Stoehr

Triptychon und andere Gedichte, Franz Hodiak
Triptych and other Poems, translated by Louise E. Stoehr

Der Pfirsich, Michael Donhauser
Peach, translated by Karein Goertz

Herbstsonne und andere Gedichte, Kurt Marti
Autumn Sun and other Poems, translated by Mark Kessler

Der Adler, Keto von Waberer
The Eagle, translated by Fritz Kaser

Radio und andere Kurzprosa, Kurt Aebli
Radio and other Short Prose, translated by Marilya Veteto-Conrad


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